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05 May I Started with Water

i started with waterI was sitting at my desk this morning, about to start my day when I glanced at my gorgeous plant. It was given to me about 2 years when we were rounding off a project for a company I worked for.

I remember when Jane, my Manager gave me the plant. I was super clueless regarding what to do with it. I had very little experience with plants and till now, I don’t even know what it is called. Also, I was commuting to work so I wasn’t sure if I could handle the responsibility of taking care of another living thing (taking care of myself is difficult enough lol!).

However, I took it on. What was the worst that could happen? The plant would die and I would feel like a terrible person for a period of time. Right? Maybe. But, as time passed by, I kept caring for it (mainly watering it) but I didn’t feed it with food cos come on, I don’t even know the name of the plant so how would I know what plant food to use?

I have an orchid plant food for my orchid which I posted about some time ago, but I suspected that it may not work for “Plant Unknown”. Also, as a typical naija girl…emmm, we typically don’t have time to care for plants.

Long story short, the plant is still alive and thriving. I eventually started feeding it with an all purpose plant food from #wilko just 2 months ago and I think it is doing alright **raises shoulders**.

The point of this post is this: sometimes, you may be thrown into endeavours or have an idea which you fully don’t understand how to tackle or implement, don’t wait till you have all the information or you may starve the #idea or bin it or worse, reject it. Start with what you have, stay conscious and as time goes on, more ideas will come to your consciousness and hopefully, you will recognise and implement them and then be blessed every morning with something as gorgeous as this little plant.
I started with water, what will you start with?

Have a brilliant and fulfilling day.

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