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08 Jul Return to Innocence 

​Okay it is 5.24am here and I have been awake since 3am(ish). I woke up feeling a bit uneasy so I turned on one of my favourite songs “Return to Innocence” by Enigma. I remember it was my friend Okey who introduced me to the song back then in Nigeria when I used to sell customised  CDs and Laptops to “office people”. I must have been in my Undergrad Year 4 then (This “hustle” life has been me since time immemorial). Anyway, so I turned on the music and even though I have listened to this song countless of times, I was still struck by this part, “Don’t be afraid to be weak, don’t be too proud to be strong , just look into your heart my friend, that would be the return to yourself, a return to Innocence” and I sat back for a second or two and pondered.
A return to Innocence is a return to yourself, a return to who you have always wanted to be, a return to what you have always wanted to do with your life. I don’t have enough words to explain the lack of peace I felt throughout those years when I listened to noise from various sources including society about who I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to do, but my friends, if you are in anything or endeavour (I don’t care what it is) that does not give you peace you need to start the process of returning to yourself because life is too short to be living someone else’s life.
I actually told myself I wasn’t going to do a long post today but maybe someone out there needs this extra push to finally take that leap of faith to return to themselves.
I wish you a fulfilling weekend. Be good people 😘😘😘

Ps: my new Book, Boss Bible is out if you are needing a bit more motivation, the link is in my bio or just type “Boss Bible” into Amazon. There is more where this came from. 😊😊😊😊
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