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A girl with big dreams. A land with strict societal rules. A spirit that will never die.

Young Adaugo has lived her life according to cultural expectations. Any semblance of building a life of her own was actively discouraged for young women like her. But, Adaugo is not like others who came before her; she is born of strong spirit and mind, she knows there’s something more for her in the universe, but finding that will take strength she never knew she had and a deep understanding of what it is to listen to the voice within and grasp all life has to offer, no matter the obstacles placed in front of her.

Follow Adaugo as she navigates through life, loss and heartache in a world built to stifle her loving spirit. Will she be able to stave off the temptation to give in to societal expectations to live life as her authentic self? Or will she give in like those gone before her?

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